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DigiSAFE Data Diode is a product designed and produced by ST Engineering Group and deployed by qualified and trained engineers from Singalarity to protect safety-critical systems and sensitive or proprietary data. It is a powerful tool to help your organization to successfully eliminate potential cybersecurity risks.

DigiSAFE Data Diode prevents data leakage and eliminates cyber threats by enforcing the one-way data transfer at both the physical and protocol layers, providing absolute protection from any reconnaissance and cyberattacks originating from outside the corporate network or any attempt to hijack or compromise the system from the inside.

What is DigiSAFE Data Diode?

DigiSAFE Data Diode is also known as "Unidirectional Security Gateways" or "One-way Firewall", with a communication and data transfer mechanisms are implemented via an "air-gap" thereby ensuring guaranteed delivery, fault tolerance and scalability.

Key Features

Information Assurance by Design

Ensures no data leakage due to hardware-enforced one-way communication

Separate power supply to mitigate against side-channel attacks

Common Criteria (CC EAL 2) and NITES certified by CSA

High Throughput and Robust Performance

Forward Error Correction (FEC) and Forward Error Detection (FED) are implemented

Files lost detection capability

Configurable for High Availability

Ease of System Integration and Customisation

A solution that optimizes any complex system with our sophisticated level of technical expertise

Supports an array of IT, IoT and ICS/SCADA networking protocols for system integration and interoperability

Compact Design

Allows all functionalities to be encapsulated within a compact footprint

What is the “Zeroloss Capability” concept?

Most conventional file transfer network protocols operate as a “two-way communication” to ensure data packages are not lost during transmission. As data diodes enforces a “one-way communication", protocol, preventing compromises to data integrity is an issue as it is difficult to validate data integrity and detect potential loss in data.

With an “air-gap” in the design architecture to provide assurance, DigiSAFE Data Diode ensures 0% data loss in transmission; throughput is maintained at levels: 500 Mbps - 225 GB/hour - 5.4 TB/day.

Advanced and Proven technology is implemented at the data transfer layer to ensure “zeroloss capability” and check data integrity respectively.

“Zeroloss capability” ensures the safety and integrity of the data transferred, and this technology is integrated into DigiSAFE Data Diode and is a proprietary technology developed by the ST Engineering Group.

How is DigiSAFE Data Diode different?

Requires no additional proxies or virtual machines to be installed on external hardware

Has a patent-pending file loss detection capability, allows users to be alerted in an event of file loss across the Data Diode

Modular design allows customers to select components suited to their operations