Retail data protections for Omnichannel

What is special about omnichannel retail data is that they come from various locations, both physical and digital; are updated constantly and must be synchronized effectively during the operation of the whole retailing system. The continuous flow of data via the Internet between the stores and servers is one of the targets for cyber attackers who are going to exploit them, thwart your business, or both. Cybersecurity is becoming a vital part of any omnichannel retailer. Below are some areas companies may consider improving:

  • Protect Cloud-based Connections

Any connection made via the Internet can be compromised. Via the Internet, attackers can get access to your data servers or steal e-commerce website's consumer information if it is not secured.

  • Create Alternate Routes in Case of DDoS

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) can freeze your website for hours or even days. This is more likely to occur during the most profitable periods.

  • Lock Down In-Store Wi-Fi

Once the wireless network has been taken control by attackers, all devices in the store, including consumers', mPOSes and staff computers become vulnerable.

  • Refine DRPs for Retail Data

Without a strong security team, most disaster recovery plans (DRPs) can become outdated and insufficient to cope with new threats emerging everyday and in increasing number. One employee's mistake can lead to the failure of the whole business system - companies affected by the WannaCry ransomware are solid examples. Threat detection and recovery planning is the key to the survival of any business in the age of Internet, and omnichannel retailers are not excluded.

If you are an omnichannel retailer with concern about how to implement the listed security measures, Rnext is your solution. Rnext is protected by an advanced cybersecurity SOC (Security Operation Center) with 24/7 operation, protecting your business from cyberattacks.

This post is based on IBM's article, Omnichannel Success Requires Retail Data Protections.