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Cashless Payment for Every Transaction

Rnext QRPay Intra-Gateway uses an integrated Dynamic QR Code system that can display full payment information from the system. The payment transaction information is connected with the sales transaction information from the system so that customers do not need to type in the prices at checkout after scanning the QR code but merely scan the Dynamic QR code to make payment on the value set by the merchant in the Dynamic QR code.

  • Rnext QRPay Intra-Gateway makes it easy to track transactions and limits the loss of money due to errors when making transactions for both businesses and customers.

Save time

Consumers need not spend time to withdraw cash, wait to receive change from merchants and wait for transactions to be calculated and conducted manually.

The Dynamic QR code used will allow consumers to simply scan the QR code to make payment based on the price determined by the merchant and embedded in the QR code

Less risk of wrongful transactions

With Dynamic QR code, consumers do not need to input the price before making payment.

Instead, consumers can simply scan the Dynamic QR code and make payment based on the price embedded in the Dynamic QR code set by the merchant.

This reduces the risk of consumers keying in the wrong price and making incorrect transactions, which takes significant time to remedy and disrupts business operations.

Faster queues

Consumers need not spend time calculating cash at the cashier resulting in quicker transactions and shorter queues.

Easy to track sales

Merchants can track and account for each transaction easily, saving time and manpower to tabulate cash at the end of each business day.