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Troubleshooting Analytics Engine (TAE) is a solution that displays the current status of ecosystem performance on a simple dashboard using visually appealing and easy-to-understand diagrams and statistics, which are based on performance metrics of your network to pinpoint the exact problem occurring in the ecosystem and how it may affect other parts of the network ecosystem.

A Deep Dive into your Data

TAE is a post-deployment engine that is highly capable of detecting and pinpointing the root causes of specific failures by using a wide range of analytical techniques and recommend corrective and preventive actions to prevent reoccurence.

TAE helps to identify exactly where the problems are - this is critical for successful troubleshooting, and confirms the extent and nature of the problems. In the long run, this saves time working on the wrong issues and significantly boosts user experience.

Key Features

Flexible and customized platform

Easy installation in under 5 minutes, and with just a click, you can monitor all traces of errors occurring in the system.

Early detection, real-time processing

TAE discovers unusual activities occurring in the system in real-time before these activities turn critical and affect user experience. TAE updates results continuously on the dashboard automatically.

Root causes detection

Further than merely detecting errors, TAE is a must-have program to detect and pinpoint the root causes of errors and potential issues that are occurring in the system. Administrators can quickly discover which processes are failing and implement preemptive measures that ensure minimal downtime faced by the end-user.

To help secure your system, you will need more than threat detection. Our Turnsteel AS-TMS product reinforces your system’s security through superior user authentication methods to prevent nefarious actors from intruding into your system through false pretences, while TAE helps to monitor and report failures in the system before they become critical so you can implement preemptive measures.

Singalarity AS-TMS - TAE integration is a proprietary technology designed and deployed by Singalarity. Its purpose is to trace all root causes of errors of the system and millions of front-end mobile apps right after deployment and help remediate critical issues as soon as they are spotted.