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The 4.0 industrial revolution brings both opportunities and risks for businesses, particularly in the areas of security of sensitive information on clients, employees, partners, internal operations and more. With increasing sophistication of cybercriminals and hacking software, the risks to information security will grow exponentially, making cybersecurity protection an increasingly challenging task.

Singalarity is an innovative pure-play Managed Monitor, Analyze and Response (MMAR) service provider which keeps organizations safe from constantly evolving cyber-attacks that unmanned software alone cannot prevent.

Our Forensic Security Operations Center (FSOC) - staffed by elite security analysts - monitor, analyze, trace and respond in real-time to both known and unknown cybersecurity threats before they become business disrupting events.

What makes our FSOC unique is the ability to monitor all systems on an ongoing basis - 24/7/365 around the clock.

FSOC Components & Functions

Singalarity’s FSOC provides a convenient and proactive solution to guard against rising cybersecurity threats scheming to halt your business workflow. Through an easy-to-use dashboard, gain full visibility on everything happening in your enterprise network within minutes after deployment, allowing quick overview and understanding of past, present and future cyber threats targeting your business.

Combined with the automated Intrusion Detection System (IDS) and vulnerability scanners, security analysts from Singalarity work around the clock to investigate all potential cyber threats to your business, both internally and externally, to provide you with a user-friendly dashboard report complete with recovery & protection recommendations for on-time response.


24/7/365 network monitoring

FSOC Sensors monitor every network connection, perform in-depth vulnerability assessments with various configuration options for the selected hosts. Due to the portability of the technology embedded inside these Sensors, they can either be deployed as virtual appliances or pre-built sensor boxes.


Easily handle the complexity of large scale systems

FSOC multi-tenant Server is the command centre for all deployed Sensors in your sites to collect all log data from remote Sensors for monitoring, analysis, dashboard reporting and issuing alerts for high-risk cybersecurity threats in real-time.

Our suite of reporting & visualization tools will simplify and support the decision-making process in responding to ongoing and potential attacks and help you easily correlate details and identify patterns of the attacks across your operations.

Security alerts

Automated security alert from logs collected by Sensors.

Issues vulnerability tickets for response and follow-up, allowing Singalarity to work seamlessly with your cybersecurity team to respond to all types of attacks.

Visual dashboards, reports & security map

Analytics dashboards & real-time reports provide visual summaries of the overall network status.

Real-time Security Analysis graph at global or enterprise level with traceable hosts.

Machine learning rules & Threat intelligence

Machine learning-based rules for anomaly detection to stay ahead of zero-day attacks.

Threat intelligence from various sources: dark web, open-source intelligence, 3rd parties, R&D.

Be fully prepared for worldwide cyber threats.


Stay compliant to key cybersecurity standards such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, ISO 27000s, allowing you to provide assurance to gain your customers’ trust and loyalty.


Secured, Compact, and Intuitive - A control room for your security team

Analyst Workstation is personalized with features to support security analysts in your firm, wrapped in a single hardware component. Stay updated on changes to your network regardless of time and location, either through an overview or zoom in to obtain specific details of individual events, and take action faster than the attackers.

     Remote access to server features: Simple and intuitive user interface. Analyst     Workstation fit into one small box for portability and ease of access.

     Data remains in a close-loop to/from server: Minimize the risk of data breach by     unwelcome intruders.

     Pre-built Forensic Tools: Multiple pre-built forensics tools for in-depth investigation into     past events (e.g file analysis, network logs analysis,..).

     End-to-end encryption $ replay of historical data: No vulnerabilities that can be     exploited for sniffing or altering data transmissions. Review & learn from the scenes of the     crime for tracking down the attackers and patching the existing weaknesses
  • No investment required in servers, storage, intelligence feeds & professional services.
  • Start monitoring your network for security breaches in a matter of hours vs weeks.
  • Focus only on incidents & threats validated by security experts vs. chasing all alerts.
  • Obtain context around how threats relate to your environment from security experts.
  • Benefit from security intelligence applied across the spectrum of Forensic SOC clients.
  • Qualified personnel for running a 24x7/365 FSOC are costly and hard to recruit. Our Security Team acts as an extension of your team.
Our FSOC is vital to protect data, systems, and other enterprise resources. With our FSOC system, you can be assured that your network is safeguarded from attacks so that your employees can focus on their core activities instead of worrying about cybersecurity.