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  • You will be a member of the team to develop and implement the company's digital product projects for the financial - banking industry and other related fields. This position offers the opportunity to develop into a product owner, having the ability to cover the entire product process from developing the application, extending features, testing the product before deployment, and providing post-deployment support to customers. 

Job Description

  •       ‣ Participate in the analysis and design of the development flow of the application for iOS and Android platforms. 

          ‣ Pre-deployment product testing and post-deployment support. 

          ‣ Collaborate with technology partners to develop new features as part of the product development roadmap, and contribute to product innovation ideas. 

          ‣ Research new technologies and technology development trends to apply to current and future projects of the company. 

          ‣ Opportunity to expand into new technology fields and other fields of work depending on your ability. 


  •       ‣ Opportunities are open for people from new graduates to 5 years of experience.
  •       ‣ Graduated in Information Technology, Computer Science, Electronics and Telecommunications.
  •       ‣ Proficient in using one of the Native programming languages (Swift/Objective-c/Java) or React Native, Flutter, and other popular languages.
  •       ‣ Understanding of the integration of RESTful APIs, Web services, Web sockets SDKs, and libraries in the application development process.
  •       ‣ Knowledge of data structures, algorithms, object-oriented programming.
  •       ‣ Proficient in using Git to manage source code.
  •       ‣ Ability to test, debug, and optimize the performance of the application, test/ automation test.
  •       ‣ Passion for software development, building, and creating beautiful products with the perfect experience to "win hearts & minds" of millions of users
  •       ‣ Honest, reliable, careful.
  •       ‣ Able to work in a high-pressure environment with high requirements from customers and partners.
  •       ‣ Bonus points
  •                 ∘ Javascript (ES6), Redux
  •                 ∘ Database management systems such as Oracle, MySQL, Maria DB, MS SQL
  •                 ∘ Analyze and design UI/UX for mobile platforms using Adobe XD, Figma, Sketch, Invision

  • Benefits

  •       ‣ Competitive salary and other benefits
  •       ‣ Bonus according to ability and contribution to the project
  •       ‣ Have the opportunity to work directly with foreign partners
  •       ‣ The company provides housing for those who live far away


  •      ‣ English CV
  •      ‣ University Diploma

  • Please send your CV via email: with the subject [Mobile Developer] - [Full name]

  • If you have any questions or concerns, please contact or by phone: (024) 6656 9748.