Key Customer Reference

  • Case Name: Smart ERP - Retail chain
  • Country: Vietnam, Singapore, Cambodia
  • Number Customer: >3
  • Date: Since 2016
  • Price: -
  • Duration: Lifetime
  • Status: Deployed
  • Scale: 40+ cities, 50+ stores, 2 warehouses, 300+ employees

Product Description

Rnext is a scalable cloud-based system with fully integrated platform with the modules: MRP, ERP, CRM, HR & PAYROLL, ACCOUNTING, POS, PROJECT, E-COMMERCE. It can handle millions of transactions per hour with ease. For any enterprise customer, Rnext can conduct a load test report to meet customer stringent requirement on scalability.

Rnext provides high-tech solutions to realize your omnichannel strategy or improve your sales and optimize operations of manufacturing floor, warehouses and showrooms, your workforce and customer services.

You can easily manage and optimize your stock inventory for individual store or the entire retail chain, schedule staff attendance and measure their performance assisted by AI technology, organize clients meeting, schedule follow up calls for leads generated through our CRM Module.

Facial Recognition

  • A facial recognition is a system capable of identifying or verifying a person from a digital image or a video frame from a video source. One of the ways to do this is by comparing selected facial features from the image and a face database.
  • mPOS will identify the employee from the camera, automatically confirming other necessary information to check in an employee to the session.
  • The AI system continuously learns to maximize the accuracy of employee identification.

Optimize Inventory Management

Applying Machine Learning in Demand Forecasting

The problem of Inventory Demand Forecasting is extremely simple to understand, yet challenging to solve and optimize efficiency.

The classic example is a grocery store or a manufacturing plant that needs to forecast demand for perishable items or raw materials accordingly. Purchase or order too many and you’ll end up discarding valuable products or your raw materials will be expired, and you are ending up with an increase in the inventory cost. Numerous businesses face different aspects of the same basic problem, yet many of them use outdated or downright naive methods to tackle it (like spreadsheet guided, stock-boy adjusted guessing).


Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Optimization.